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Ten years ago and fresh out of high school, future Happow Co-Founders Gianna and Brendan locked eyes. Working on a group uni assignment to make a magazine for a youth organisation, the pair discovered their love of empowering young people through media and education.

It was at that moment, they decided they wanted to future-proof the lives of young people.

Fast forward a decade and their vision for Happow was cemented. But not without its hurdles.

Over the years, the now married couple have battled their own mental health issues including anxiety and chronic illness and seen friends losing their way with their health, finances, careers and relationships.

After both losing their jobs in the midst of COVID-19 and with nothing but their life savings pushing their idea forward, Gianna and Brendan’s dream of launching Happow appeared out of reach.

But despite all this, the married couple realised that young people needed Happow now more than ever.

In 2020, UNICEF Australia reported 67 per cent of young people were concerned about their education being disrupted or held back during the pandemic, and their ability to cope with life almost halved from 81 to 45 per cent.

Now with their growing team, youth advocates and influential ambassadors backing their biz, the team are working hard to realise Happow’s vision of changing the lives of 10 in 10 (10 million around the world by 2030) – to give young people the critical life skills they need to leave their mark on this world to not just survive, but thrive.


To future-proof the lives of young people.


To educate, entertain and empower 10 million young people globally by 2030 through our life skills education and media network.


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    For over a decade I’ve dreamt about launching an education and media company that empowers and educates youth so they’re equipped with a whole stack of skills enabling them to ‘Power Up Life’ in high school, uni and beyond.

    One of the reasons why I was so passionate about making this dream a reality is because I myself endured difficulties throughout my childhood, including a chronic and debilitating anxiety disorder. The other reason is my background in media and education – I have seen first-hand the power positive news and media can make in a person’s life. So Happow is a combination of all my passions rolled into one.

    Here’s an analogy I like to use to sum up what Happow is and why we exist:

    “Happow is young people. We – our leadership squad, ambassadors and advocates are the driving instructors, the guide.

    Happow, the brand, the movement, is the car.

    We give every young person the tools and instructions they need to not just survive, but thrive in high school, uni and beyond.

    The car is the machine, the movement that literally moves every young person, steering them in the right direction. 

    Each young person is the learner driver. They’re in the driver’s seat. They hold the steering wheel and they hold the power.

    They are ultimately Happow.”

    My #1 goal in life and for Happow is to support youth so they uncover and unlock their power and potential…

    So they face life head on knowing they can push through.

    So they can achieve their goals.

    So they decide to not give up even when life gets tough.

    So they can give back and make a difference.

    So they can create change and leave a lasting legacy, one that’s true to them.


    Co-Founder of Happow

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