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Learn how to buy food with less packaging, take the plastic-free challenge and shop second-hand fashion.
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Want to be an eco-warrior and help save the planet? With climate change a very real threat, there’s no time like now.

In this Life Lesson, our instructor Erin Rhoads will teach you how to win the war on waste. Erin is an author and activist who is passionate about the environment and reducing her carbon footprint. Long ago there was a time when more things we bought were reused and recycled. But now it’s all about keeping up with the Kardashians.

Like anything in life, every small step counts. If each of us practiced how to reduce what we buy AND throw away, we wouldn’t put as much strain on the environment. As Erin says, this is a system WE created and WE have the power to create a world where there’s less landfill, less plastic and less waste.

She’ll cover:

– Why we need to reduce our rubbish
– How do I know what I am throwing away?
– How to buy food with less packaging
– How to rethink food waste
– Taking the plastic-free challenge
– Make an impact with second-hand fashion
– Creating new and sustainable habits

So what are you waiting for? This Life Lesson is now in session!

What is Happow?
We’re on a mission to future-proof the lives of young people in high school and beyond.

Happow – a blend of the words ‘happy’ and ‘power’ – is a gamified life skills education provider partnering with Australia’s top experts to help homeschoolers, schools and organisations run empowering and engaging evidence-based wellbeing programs.

Featuring a fun and easy-to-use eLearning platform with expert-led content – 50+ hours of Life Lesson courses (classroom-ready 60-minute modules with videos, quizzes and workbooks) and 100+ Power Talks (mini motivational videos), our program focuses on building and enhancing a young person’s personal and social capabilities aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Combined with optional empowering in-person talks and workshops presented by Gianna Lucas (Happow Co-Founder/CEO, Speaker & Life Coach), we have a holistic, blended learning approach to enhance your wellbeing curriculum and support your students or young people to feel equipped, resilient and confident to not just survive, but thrive in our rapidly-changing world.

Our vision? To educate, entertain and empower 10 million young people globally by 2030 through our life skills education and media network.
What is a Life Lesson?
A Life Lesson is an on demand, gamified and evidence-based life skills course which is featured within one of our six content pillars across money, health & wellness, relationships, community, DIY and careers.

Taught by Australia’s top experts, our Life Lessons are jam-packed full of engaging, evidence-based bite-sized content, from videos to quizzes and downloadable workbooks – developed by teachers. Each one takes 9 hours on average and can be completed at your own pace, with each 60-minute module classroom-ready and able to be delivered in a single lesson.
What is included in a Happow membership?
Our jam-packed membership gives youth access to our entire vault of current and future Life Lessons and Power Talks on our life skills eLearning platform. Plus they’ll also earn while they learn with Power Points, badges and certificates awarded for completing content. The perfect way to #PowerUpLife and track their ongoing progress!

If you're a school or organisation, speak to us about our in-person offerings which will offer the ultimate blended learning approach in conjunction with our online platform.
I’m a parent or homeschooling, can I buy a membership for my teen?
Absolutely! Whether you are homeschooling and looking for additional resources or simply looking to give your young person some further learning opportunities, a Happow membership is a great choice. Check out our membership plans here. Once you have chosen your plan, in the 'account information' section, simply fill in your teen's details to kickstart their life skills education journey with Happow.
Do you offer memberships for schools or organisations?
Yes, we sure do! If you would like to contact us directly, we would be more than happy to provide you with a free demo and discuss our specialised eLearning platform pricing, plus in-person talk and workshop options delivered by our Co-Founder & CEO, Gianna Lucas. Our ultimate goal is to complement and enhance your school or organisation's wellbeing program offerings with educational, empowering and entertaining content to help grow your young people!
Which Life Lessons and Power Talks are right for my teen?
With a heap of expert-led Life Lessons & Power Talks currently and more released regularly, our content requires little to no level of experience! If your young people have aspirations to start a business, better manage their money or simply want those unanswered questions answered, such as how to deal with toxic relationships or body image, we've got them covered. But no matter what, there is something for every young person to learn. Plus, ALL our video content is close-captioned for those who are hearing impaired.
How much does Happow cost?
We have two individual membership plans currently available. Our annual membership is $89 AUD a year, but if you would prefer to pay monthly, it is only $9.99 AUD! If you are a school or organisation, please contact us for specialised eLearning platform pricing.
Can I buy Life Lessons or Power Talks individually?
Instead of offering Life Lessons and Power Talks individually, we've designed our membership plans to be inclusive and cost-effective. We encourage all young people to give our six different life skills content pillars from money to relationships a go across a variety of content. They'll be amazed how much you can learn and grow with an open mind – which is what we're all about!
Do you offer a free trial of your platform?
You bet! We offer a 7-day free trial with all our individual paid membership plans so your young person can take us for a test run. No strings attached. Cancel anytime.
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes, we do. We're so confident you'll love us, but if you aren’t happy with your purchase and can show your teen has given our platform a good go, you can email us and we will offer you a full refund within 30 days after first payment.
What is a Power Talk?
A Power Talk is an on-demand mini motivational talk that answer burning questions around school, work and life (think bite-sized TED Talks). Hear from well-known entrepreneurs, educators, motivational speakers, athletes and coaches in the know. Learn how to move on from toxic friendships, set and achieve goals and more! From health to career and relationships, our Power Talks are your student or young person's ultimate mentor at their fingertips. We have 100+ Power Talks to choose from, with more added regularly.
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